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Profile image Digital Jersey to host SME workshop

Digital Jersey is hosting a workshop during Jersey Business Enterprise Week 2016, to raise awareness among small and medium-sized businesses about the opportunities and challenges of technology and how firms can adapt to technological changes. Entitled...

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Profile image From Ponies to Payments: Technology, Disruption and Jersey’s First Fintech Unconference

In 1860, a postal service was set up from St Joseph Missouri to Sacramento California, delivering mail by horseback using a number of relay stations. Dubbed the “Pony Express”, the service’s adverts boasted of covering 1,800 miles in j...

Profile image States of Jersey Viscount’s Departments tender pre-qualification

The States of Jersey Viscount’s Departments wishes to hear from suppliers who are interested in submitting a pre-qualification submission relating the sourcing of a replacement to the current Phoenix System. The Viscount’s Department is the executive ar...

Profile image Instagram’s new look

You’ve probably all noticed the change Instagram made last week: significant updates to their logo, icons and interface, with a new, flatter design and multicoloured logo and app icons.

Profile image GALLERY: The JEP enters a new digital age

Profile image Explosive Search Dogs

People often ask me why grammar and sentence structure and so on are important. From now on, I’ll simply tell them that without it, you end up with explosive search dogs. The post Explosive Search Dogs appeared first on matt's debates.